I am Ivy Greene, a violinst, singer, songwriter, composer, graphic designer and writer from Frankfurt, Germany – an all over artist, in love with art, music & making people happier.

My Musical Journey

The first time I have been caught on camera sitting on a electronic keyboard was at 8 months old, I guess I was already practicing hard after my mom had created a severe subconscious violin sound addiction in my brain while I was hanging out in her belly.

So long before I was actually born, I have always been surrounded by music.

When I was about 1 o 2 years old, my mom had to leave my on my own at night for sometime to work night shifts. I guess that was also about that time when I started to sing, before I finally picked up my violin at the age of 5: a clear case of love at first sight – one love, that would never end but unfold and become more and more beautiful with each and every bow stroke.

Even though the violin carries a mystic magic of her own which works on the means of music but also when she remains completely silent, working solely through her majestic aura, shining with the mesmerizing grace of a beautiful classy lady. A violin is more than just an instrument – she is a wooden heart carrying the most divine of all souls that fly on earth, expressing unique personalities and qualities – just like humans.

When she becomes engaged in music, the vessel that produces angelic sound, she truly comes alive – just like me.

Music was always with me, no matter when, no matter what.

Music was my first love – and she will be my last.

She is my alpha and my omega, and besides my mom, the only and everything that has ever made sense to me.

I always loved music so incredibly much that I would – since i can think – spend all of my time either consuming or playing or creating music or reading books (while listening to music).

Since I am a very curious person who loves to try out new things and learn new skills, I was never really able to stick with one piece for a long time.

This resulted, throughout the years, in building up a huge musical repertoire library in my heart, mind and soul, crossing genres, styles, decades, generations and – speaking of classical music – even several centuries: a giant pool of inspiration that my phantasy and artistic expression can always thrive on.